Don't Panic Mr Mannering

Recently we completed the fit-out of our business. Initially this was to take 6 months but as life goes, it actually took 11months. Of course at times it was very challenging but if anything, the delays, the extra hidden costs etc., have given me an opportunity to put into practice what I teach with Yoga and Meditation. Don’t sweat the small stuff (don’t panic Mr Mannering!), take a deep breath or two, be grateful, patient, honest and be kind to myself and others. Sounds simplistic in some ways but the benefits certainly out way the other option of unraveling under stress.


How is your life treating you? Or can I ask, how are you treating your life?

Perhaps read this question again. What does it mean to you? Do you allow life to run its course or are you someone that likes to take control of the reins?

Do you ever feel like you’re wearing too many hats? Mum, Dad, sister, brother, employee, employer, friend, therapist, superman/woman?


Do you place immense pressure on yourself or do you think it comes from other people in and around your life? When I’m out and about talking to people I often hear people say that they’re too busy to exercise, do yoga or meditate, sometimes with a tone that they are actually proud of themselves for being so busy! This is not sustainable long term for physical or mental wellbeing. Sometimes we may try too hard to have it all but something has to give…. generally it will be you!

What good are we to anyone if beneath the surface we ourselves are not coping well? Isn’t it better if we do fewer things and do them well, as opposed to spreading ourselves too thin? Perhaps there is an opportunity for you to release the pressure valve and explore practices that support you rather than put yourself under the pump. Maybe today you can let go a few things from your to do list.

Lee Clements

Lee Clements is a Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher and Massage Therapist. Lee embodies the spirit of her teaching. With over 35 years of personal and professional experience in the area of Health and Wellbeing, Lee brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to her relationships with clients, students, family and friends.She has studied as a meditation teacher with Dr Ian Gawler, Paul Bedson, Dr Craig Hassed and has lived and breathed ashram life with her spiritual teacher Osho. She is a Level 2 Yoga Australia teacher and continues her studies with Yoga with a daily practice and retreats each year. Lee can be found teaching Yoga and Meditation and offering simply amazing body therapies at her beloved business Sensom Health and Wellbeing which is situated in the beautiful suburb of Lambton in Newcastle NSW Australia.