Energetic Healing

Having worked with people and their bodies for over 30 years now, what have I learnt? I asked myself after my morning meditation.


My answer — less is more.

When I first started as a fresh, keen Massage Therapist in 1981, I was so enthusiastic about helping people feel better that I forgot about myself in the process. Two years later, seeing over 30 people a week, I was running on my reserves and felt exhausted. Fortunately I had some wonderful teachers and mentors who helped shine the light towards 'self support and care'. I retrained in other massage modalities and trained in Oki Do Yoga which became part of my daily rituals and learnt about the body and its amazing healing powers of self-recovery if given the right environment to shine. 

Today I find I achieve wonderful results and make people feel great with less 'effort' of manual labour and more 'getting out of the way' of energy and allowing the process of self-healing, re-balancing the energy systems and watching the beautiful changes that take place for people.

I utilise all the teachings I have learned at different stages in my work, but I will not label anything I do. For example, 'Reiki'. It's energy, prana, chi; whatever you want to call it. For me it's ENERGY.

I will continue my journey of watching, listening and learning about our bodies, energy and healing.


Lee Clements