What is Floating?

Imagine spending an hour where the outside world is gone. No light or sound and NO gravity! Imagine floating in a saline solution where you cannot sink. With over 500KG’s of Epsom Salts ( Magnesium Sulphate ) in the water within your pod, your body is completely suspended and supported. Floating increases dopamine and endorphin levels elevating mood and leaving you with a feeling of calmness for days. Without the stimulus of light and sound, you’re likely to experience the deepest relaxation ever.

Floatation therapy has been academically studied in the USA and Sweden with published results showing reduction of both pain and stress. At the present time there have been 80+ studies done on the benefits of floating. It is recommended to float three to five times to initially understand the process of floatation and begin to reap its long-term advantages. The benefits are cumulative, which explains why floatation devotees incorporate this therapy into their everyday lives.

No time to meditate? Try Floating. Within 30-45 minutes of Floating, your mind starts producing theta brainwaves, which are produced during meditation. The more you Float, the more you’re able to access deeper states of relaxation, meditation, creative insights, and to problem solve faster and more efficiently.

Floating occurs in a safe, clean and welcoming environment in which you are always in total control. To truly experience the cumulative benefits of floating, we recommend booking 3 sessions initially, over a 2 week period. To get you started, try our Introductory Offer of 3 x 60 minute Floats for $149 ....and Save $76!



Do I need to bring anything? No, just yourself. We provide towels, earplugs, slippers, refreshments and everything you need to make your experience of Floating with us truly memorable.

What do I wear?  You can wear swimmers if you like but you’re in your own private room with shower facilities which you're required to use before and after your Float.

Can I drown? Absolutely not. The water is more buoyant than the Dead Sea.

How are the pods kept clean?  Floating is extremely sanitary. With the combination of our filtration system, which runs a minimum of three complete filtration cycle’s after every float session and with the natural bacterial killing qualities of salt, the water inside the tank is cleaner than tap water. We also use UV light and non-toxic disinfectants in all the pods.

Will I get cold? The water is kept at 35.5C This is skin re-ceptor neutral, which means you’re unaware of where your body and water begins.

Can I bring a friend? You sure can but you won’t be able to float together in the same pod; however you can float at the same time in different pods.

What if I get claustrophobic? Take your time, you can leave the door open for as long as you like. You are always in control of your environment and can get out anytime. Our pods are in a 4 x 4 m2 room with plenty of space within the pod.

Can I bring my phone? No. All areas of the studio are phone/camera free zones. We provide lockers for your valuables.

Can I float if I’m pregnant? Absolutely, pregnant women love floating! If you are in your third trimester, or have any concerns, please consult with your physician before coming in.

Do’s and Don’ts before you Float

Do book yourself in online or call us if you need some help or have some questions we haven’t answered on this page.

Don't drink coffee for at least 4 hours beforehand (it can affect your nervous system and bladder).

Don't shave or wax on the day of your float .

Don’t eat a heavy meal before floating. 

Injury Recovery

Sensom Float

People choose to float to relieve stress, recover from injuries and eliminate chronic pain. The weightlessness experienced in our floatation pods combined with the benefits of Epsom salts creates an ideal environment for injury recovery as well as providing relief from muscular pain and tension. As your body doesn't need to do anything and is not fighting against gravity, you are completely weightless; this allows your muscles. tendons, ligaments and connective tissue to soften and release.  Recovery is enhanced with the added benefit of Magnesium Sulphate ( Epsom Salts ) Magnesium can be absorbed through the skin and its benefits to health are numerous.



EEG measurements (recording the electrical activity of the brain) of people that float regularly have indicated that thought patterns can shift from high electrical active thoughts to deeper, slower more creative thinking. In this state people have developed complex scientific theories, composed music and written their final or opening chapters of their books or assignments.  If you need some inspiration or are experiencing anxiety with exams or deadlines, try Floating in our Pods!

Deep Relaxation

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Floating in our pods, your senses are released from all distractions, your body is weightless as you are supported by 500kg's of Epsom Salt solution. You become one with your floating experience. Floating increases your dopamine and endorphin levels, boosting your mood and leaving you feeling chilled and relaxed for days. Your body and mind are able to reach deep levels of relaxation that would normally take years of meditation practice to achieve.